50 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

The question we get asked the most is if blogging is really worth it.  I always giggle and give the same response.

“Blogging, when done right, will transform your business.  It will change your life.  It will make you an industry leader”.

The predicament is that those words do not mean a thing until a company stops doubting the power of content and just dives right into creating it.

For those 1% willing to do what the other 99% won’t do.  Check out this list of 50 valuable benefits that are ready and available to businesses who are willing to put in the work needed to grow their customer base with blogging.

  1. The more blogs your site has the more time people will spend there.  The more time they spend there, the more likely they will convert to a customer.
  2. Your goal is to obtain customers and achieve a high return on investment, not silly posts that go viral for a minute then fade back into the abundant social media world to never be seen again.
  3. You want to be viewed as an industry leader so your website becomes a place to go for information, education and enlightenment.
  4. Consumers have questions and you have the answers within your blog.  It is as simple as that.
  5. Your consumers will appreciate your honesty and clarity.
  6. You will find out that the experts really have no clue what they are talking about and the rules of social media are different per industry.
  7. Online relationships will become real life friendships.
  8. You are showing your customer you actually care by taking the time to educate them with your blog.
  9. You will end up asking yourself why you waited so long to start a blog.
  10. You will gain more traffic to your website through SEO.  Traffic = Leads!
  11. You get to utilize social media sharing when you write blogs
  12. You are now a part of the solution.
  13. Your email marketing will improve because you get to use all that great content that was created.
  14. You will have a good feel for what your customers like and don’t like.
  15. You get to have conversations, ask questions and form relationships right on your blogs post within the comments.
  16. Writing inspires more writing.
  17. You will start to grow your company’s list which will make for more interactive marketing in the future.
  18. You will add value and become a better teacher to your consumers.
  19. You’ll develop your niche which leads to greater focus, clarity and company vision.
  20. Your prospects will become more qualified instead of weeding through all of the social media garbage to find them.
  21. You will start to depend less on the expensive pay-per-click to get your website out there.  Which is pretty financially freeing!
  22. You will be asked to do some guest blog appearances.  Embrace this!  This is what makes you the industry leader!
  23. Blogging provides a permanent home base to share your company’s story.
  24. It will allow you to capitalize on the potential power Pinterest could have over your business!
  25. 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers according to a Hubspot survey
  26. Your blog is the heart and soul of all your social media marketing efforts.  Treat it like that!
  27. Blogging gives your company its own roaring voice in your industry.
  28. Blogging is just fun!
  29. A blog keeps you focused on your content marketing strategy.
  30. Builds confident relationships and sales
  31. Helps your business stay on top of the trends.
  32. Blogs are a cost-effective marketing strategy with a great long-term reward.
  33. Give you amazing insite into your audience
  34. Blogging is inspiring.
  35. Helps convert traffic to leads by answering questions with great content.
  36. 81% of consumers trust info and advice from blogs.
  37. 30% of consumers use blogs to confirm their purchase choices.
  38. Blogging helps you gain more inbound links to your website.
  39. It allows you to get on a personal level with your customers and potential customers.
  40. Blogging creates a community of followers around your business.
  41. A blog strengthens and grows your brand.
  42. Blogs promote  public relations.
  43. Blogs build email subscribers.
  44. Everyone is online searching for something!
  45. A blog’s content tells google your business has a quality website.
  46. A blog’s content can help you rank using keywords.
  47. Blogging shows your companies creative side.
  48. A blog brings more qualified leads to your website.
  49. People love an overload of information and education.
  50. Blogging livens up your website and makes it more friendly.

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