5 Steps to Better Content

The perfect blog post for my business

5 Steps to Better Content

The questions we are asked the most are ” How do we write the perfect blog post for my business?” Where do we start?” Those are both excellent questions!  Here’s a quick course on how we write killer blog posts for my business.

Business Blogging 101: How to write the perfect blog post for my business

#1 Come Up With Relevant but Flashy Topics

What is important to you and your business? What is it you want to talk about? When brainstorming, think about your business, what you know and how you can help your customers.  Educating and connecting with your customers does these three things:

  • Establishes your business as an expert in the field
  • Helps create trust with potential clients
  • Boosts your SEO, bringing in more organic traffic to your website

#2 There Are No Rules Only Tools

Our goal is to convey your message in a way that makes sense to your readers and has flow,
purpose, and cohesion.  We add exclamation marks, #hashtags, and there is no stopping there.  In fact, by adding those little bits of spice and “you-ness” will make your blog stand out from all the others out there!

We read everything we can and become experts in your field/niche!

#3 We Embrace Your Brands Voice and The Inner Quirks

To us, the best part of the perfect blog post for my business is the connection.  Within minutes of sharing your businesses new blog post, you can be chatting away with potential clients, getting customers feedback, answering questions, and learning what they like and what they don’t like for future blog topics.

We inject your personality into the writing.  We write like you talk.  Ask questions to keep your readers engaged and to encourage conversation.

#4 We Focus On Serving Your Readers

Every post should support the overall goals and purpose of your blog.  We use the 5 w’s when discovering your business blogs purpose.  We take a few moments and go over these with you:

  • WHO you’re writing for
  • WHY you’re writing for
  • WHAT your blog’s purpose is

Once we are clear, we choose to write only content that supports your goals and main purpose

Most importantly, we have fun writing your business blogs.

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