What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Kansas City Business - What makes your heart sing

What Makes Your Heart Sing? Storytelling for your Kansas City Business.

Before you learn the craft of storytelling for your Kansas City business and master the specific techniques that will help you inspire the world with your ideas, you must get really clear on what you want people to know about you and your Kansas City business.

Begin the process by asking yourself the right questions. Note how each question below gets progressively more emotional and triggers a very different response. Answer these questions then visit us on our Facebook Group, Click here and share your answers for feedback!

1.) Why did you start a company?

2.) What does your company do?

3.) What are you passionate about?

4.) What makes your heart sing?

The first three questions elicit a factual response. The fourth questions- what makes your heart sing- triggers a story!

Inspiring storytellers are inspired themselves. They are very clear on their motivation, on the passion that drives them, and they enthusiastically share that passion with their audience.

The answer’s to theses questions are the foundation upon which your amazing story and your Kansas City business is built.


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