Episode #1 | Lifted Naturals, Kansas City

Sylvia Hall with Lifted Naturals

Episode #1 | Lifted Naturals in Kansas City

What do a Certified Life Coach, Author, and a Mood Boosting Probiotic have in common? Sylvia Hall!

She launched her own Probiotic formula, Lifted Naturals in July of 2017 and is getting ready to celebrate her one-year anniversary and the kick off of her new product Mood Boosting Vitamin Blend, as well as her new book “This is Real Life Love Notes to Wake You Up”.

Sylvia, is happy to call Kansas City home for over 10 years now. Her passion is helping people feel better and she’s on a mission to do just that.

She spends most of her time with people who uplift and inspire her, and she has chosen to spend her time with the Purple Couch Collective, April 26th, 2018 @ 7:00 pm.

She will be sharing her astonishing story about how she overcame obstacles, trials and tribulation while building her Lifted Naturals brand. Sylvia Hall with Lifted Naturals

Sylvia dug deep into digestive health and bacterial balance in correlation with other health issues like: mental health, autoimmune issues, etc…

Sylvia’s product is called: Mood Boosting Probiotic and it is beneficial for digestive health, immune health, and enhanced mental health.  

The most important part is that her entire family takes it- including her 6 & 8-year-old.

She is excited to share her story and help balance the bellies of her customer’s, so they can experience “Lifted”!

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