The Art of Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

The Art of Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City has become a major buzzword over the past couple of years. It has become one of, if not the, most powerful and influential methods of communication in human history, it’s recently been a focus of business and marketing strategy.

Some brands do an amazing job of leveraging the power of storytelling to achieve a number of goals and some have completely missed their mark.

3 Misconceptions About Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

1.) Storytelling is a strategyWrong. It’s a tactic. It’s one element of a bigger strategy used to accomplish a goal, and every single goal you try to achieve requires a different application.

2.) Storytelling is a trendWrong. Storytelling marketing in Kansas City has been on of the most powerful forms of communication in human history. It’s the best way to capture the hearts, influence decisions, and inspire actions.

3.) Storytelling is easy – Wrong. Talking is easy, communicating is much harder. Storytelling is an art and a science and requires an element of mastery to be applied effectively. It’s not as simple as going from point A to point B and it’s much riskier than other tactics you might be trying to use.

Great storytelling captures the hero’s journey. In marketing the hero changes based on the end goal of your efforts. In the beginning of the story you may put the spotlight on your business to help establish the foundation for the brand and then the rest of the story will be to make your customer the hero of the story or if you are a service industry to make your service the hero.

Being The Hero

The hardest part about this for new businesses is getting your audience and potential customers to understand what and, more importantly, who you are. Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City can be a way to help your customer’s connect to the human side of your brand early on. Keep in mind this isn’t where you should be chatting about your customers or your products but the brand, the story behind it, the people behind it, and what it stands for.

Making your brand the hero of the story doesn’t mean that you’re self-centered it just means that right now you’re goal is to connect.

Here are a few different ways to tell your own story.

The people behind the brand – To take the human element to the extreme, you can talk about the focus of your brand and the people who keep it on track. Focus on their hard work and passion for what they do. This makes the viewer feel something and think a lot harder about your product or service.

The purpose behind the brand – Building loyalty around a mission or cause offers a high reward along with a high risk.

The product/service itself – Some products/services are fun to talk about and some are not. All products/services can find context inside of a story, this created relevancy for the product in the eyes of the new viewers and current customers.

Be Warned: Having an interesting product/service doesn’t make the storytelling marketing in Kansas City process any easier. You still need to create something your audience can experience and connect with.

I highly recommend adding storytelling to your business toolbox of marketing capabilities.

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