The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need| No Joke!

The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need

The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need | No Joke!

Building a strong image for your brand takes a bit of finesse, style, and the ability to create stories that capture the hearts and souls of your followers. Let’s not leave out vision! Read more of our Brand Storytelling Guide.

The questions is.. “How do I create these amazing stories to help me accomplish my online marketing goals?”

Answering these 8 simple questions in our Brand Storytelling Guide is the first step in the right direction:

1.) What is unique about your business?

2.) What is interesting about how your business was founded? Who is your founder? Come on, tell us your story, too!

3.) What problem is your company trying to solve? What are your customer’s main pain points?

4.) What inspired your business/

5.) What Ah-ha moments has your company had?

6.) How has your business evolved?

7.) What’s an unobvious way to tell your story? You might have to think really hard on this one.

8.) What do you consider normal and boring that other folks might think is cool? Do you have any crazy office traditions?

Importance of Establishing Your Mission 

Establishing your mission helps make your business stand out from your competition and is an essential part of establishing your brand online. What makes your business matchless from others that are doing the same thing as you?

What is the story behind how you found your business? Is there any facts about the owner that can draw some positive attention? Customer’s like to know the face behind the company brand.

Is your company trying to solve a problem for it’s customer’s? That is how you should market your new products or revitalize interest in a failing product/service.

Inspiration and Objective

What inspired the founding of your business? Did you take a trip? Where you in deep meditation? Did you hire a coach? What sparked the idea?

Has the business had a situation that drove the company to rethink it’s operations? There are plenty of ah-ha moments when you are searching for them.

What has changed about the business since it was formed? Have your products/services changed? Or have new products/services been added? It might be a new store location or a new piece of equipment.

Go Ahead, Get Social! 

Be willing to branch the company out in other social media outlets. Is there a Facebook page, Pinterest, or YouTube videos that are available to your audience? Have you established a following on Twitter? The more avenues utilized to get the word out faster, the better the credibility.

Give your audience some perks? Can you give them a discount if they follow you? Do you offer discounts to military or seniors? What can you offer that will spark the desire for your clients to join you in telling your amazing story?

The more you can share your business in a positive light, the better the odds of attracting new customers and retaining current ones. This requires a little bit of creative thinking, and possibly the assistance of some inside sources or outside ones as a matter of fact!

The information needed to promote your business to new heights is all within your reach if you know where to look.

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