Episode #2 | Chaos Course in Kansas City

Liz Babcock with Chaos Course in Kansas City Purple Couch Collective Interview
Liz Babcock owner Chaos Course in Kansas City!

What is all this talk about the Chaos Course in Kansas City?

Well, to start they are Kansas City’s Original American Ninja Warrior Gym and they are also home to Belton Shito-Ryu, which is traditional Japanese Karate. But, don’t get it twisted, they are a gym for everyone. Chaos Course caters to both competitive Ninja Warriors and to the people who suffer from chronic pain.

Liz received a Master’s Degree in Psychology and worked with children as a social worker for 6 years before her and her husband, Russ discovered their Ninja Warrior Gym! Liz genuinely cares about how people feel, hints her Psychology degree! At Chaos, she strives to make you feel good. Their team wants you to feel good physically and emotionally.

Liz and her husband Russ have been teaching karate in Belton, Missouri for many years. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Liz began teaching boxing and kickboxing as an extension to her martial arts instruction. “Fitness has always been a strong hold to our family.” Liz stated.

When you arrive at the Chaos Course don’t be surprised when you are greeted by Liz’s entire family including her twin boys and daughter! This is a family establishment and they make you feel just that! It’s that simple. Liz’s family has worked super hard to create an environment like no other in the Kansas City Metro! The Chaos Course is the premier destination for creative and innovative fitness and their gym has so much to offer that you wont find in any other Kansas City gym.

“The essence of our gym is functional fitness and remembering that health is not a burden.” Liz stated and “This is a place to be inspired, be fit, or become fit, and generally to be great!” Russ added!

Come in, they will cater to you because that is their job. They will find a way for your fitness to becomes your life and your life to become fit. NINJA WARRIOR. PARKOUR MOVEMENTS. GYMNASTICS CONDITIONING. KARATE. SELF-DEFENSE. BOXING. MOVEMENT. MOBILITY. HAPPINESS. WELL-BEING.

It’s story time on the Purple Couch Collective! Join us on the Purple Couches – Monday, July 3, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. as Liz Babcock spills the beans about her families amazing journey and how they landed at the Chaos Course!

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