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It’s Not Just About How to Make Money

We believe that humans don’t exist simply to make money. No, not even in the career-driven world. There’s more to it. And, money isn’t everything. It’s important, but not all-encompassing. Really, believe us. Read on for a deeper look into how the Marketing Dispensary (MDKC) approaches business. Learn how we view it, how we spend our time, why we do what we do, and where we are currently.

I Have No Idea Where I Am Going

As a lover of nature, I spend ample time outdoors. There are mornings where everything is crystal clear, the air is smooth as my mother’s soothing voice, and the birds are singing in tune. There are other mornings that I can’t see more than ten feet in front of me. The blanketing mist obscures my vision. What to do but continue to trek forward, to voyage into the mystery before me?

Will I step into a mess on the pavement? Am I going to be startled by someone? My imagination tries to run away with me but I’ve seen her tricks far too long to get carried away by her antics. I motivate myself by questioning, “who really knows what will happen?” I assure my animated mind that the only way to find out is to go. I’ve been overtaken by awe watching heroes in the movies undertake the unforeseen, too. I strive for their honor, so I pretend I’m brave until it is my reality, sparking my imagination by telling myself that perhaps I’ll find something beautiful. Left foot, right foot, one foot in front of the other, I wander. And just like that, I start to forget the fog and get into the rhythm of my body’s undulations.

Somewhere between my eyes greeting a new day and now, I forget the fog around me and settle into the palpable mist of the air, the sway of my hips, and the noise of quiet, murmuring cars passing me by. I stop analyzing when it happened and instead I express my gratitude for this new perspective. From my shoulders falls the metaphorical weight of fear about the unknown. The more I walk forward and into the mist, the less I fear it. It’s actually slightly pleasing. 

All of this brings me to sharing Marketing Dispensary’s process with you. Dude, let me tell you, the answers have come! For this, I am eternally grateful. This implies, though, that there was a time of seeking. This implication is accurate. Stick with me and allow me to share:

Getting to Work

I walked into work today. As I do every day. Just like you do, I settled my belongings, poured my coffee, and headed downstairs. Uh-oh. I sense that something is going on with my partner, Desiree. Reassuring myself that it’s all part of the process, I inquire.

I cautiously ask, “what’s up, Des?!” “It’s just been a shitty week,” she mutters. My mind searches, soon landing upon an understanding for her perspective. We both received the news this morning that Pearl died last night. She was our mutual friend’s dog and we both adored her. Everybody did. With her tail-wagging and booty-shaking greetings, snuggly cuddles, and protective demeanor, it was impossible not to love her. My heart feels pain just writing about it. Good thing I’ve got some tissues, even though I know you’d bring them to me if I didn’t. Right? Right.

Anyways, Pearl’s passing away on top of Des’ other stresses is enough for me to validate her experience. So, I sit, listen, and ask questions. Together, Des and I discuss where we currently are with Marketing Dispensary and where we need to be. “What do we do to undertake the endeavor of growing toward the realization of our goals? What needs to be morphed so that we can become a business that impacts our community and beyond?” we ask ourselves.

My resolution that we will create these results is the very thing that stimulates my happiness about going to ‘work’ (it feels like play, and I am blessed) every day. Because I have been granted copious favors in my life, I can do nothing less than pay it forward. But, I feel like a calm body of water waiting for inspiration, waves, to ruffle the surface. Basically, I feel a bit motionless and I’m not sure why. Still, I suspect that the combination of my intuition and intellect will reveal the way soon enough. Contrastingly, Des has about one hundred ideas racing through her savvy mind. There is just a little bit of balance between the two of us. A little bit. The only problem: we still need momentum. 

Later in the Day

About two hours have passed since this conversation. Or, one hundred and twenty minutes or 7,200 seconds. Here I sit, writing. All of the confusion and fear of this morning has culminated in my efforts to share the truth with you because I want to bring us together. We need each other if we are going to prosper.

Thus, it has become apparent that the only way we can gain momentum and make money to realize our dream world is by being unapologetically open and honest about where we are now. After all, we are only two of the millions of entrepreneurs in the metro. Perhaps others are experiencing this, too. Actually, they must be.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs (I’m biased, I know), Des comes downstairs and lets me know where her mind is. It’s routine for us to bounce ideas off of each other. She emphasizes that she needs to capture this feeling for others to convey to them that they’re not alone; that everyone experiences concern about how to make money and grow their potential to improve their lives and the lives of others. She says it in the same moment that I’ve begun to write this. I think, “what the hell?” because I just received the same insight.

But, I don’t tell her that I’m writing a blog about the very thing that she just mentioned. Instead, I tell her to go off to her meeting and that we will powwow when she arrives home again. And, this brings us to the current moment. 

Right Now

Currently, my ears are ringing with the ramblings of a podcast. A glittery pink mug and a cup of water are sitting at my left. A translucent blue gem sits on my ring finger. My feet are planted firmly upon the ground and I am in tune with my breath.

I use these sensations as reminders to be here now. It’s the only moment that my creativity flows and is unblocked by fear. The moment that has been repeating itself for both eternity and this very day. These have been ebbing and flowing since I got to the office at 8:15 A.M. today. My brain has calmed enough for one of them to catch up with me, finally. And, I am conscious of the parallels between this and my foggy, daybreak stroll. This is where it all becomes clear. Please, read on. 

Tying It All Together

Just as treading into the fog is the only way through it, taking persistent action is what moves us to the place of success! And, we are relentless in this! At MDKC, we are constantly mulling over our processes. This grants us the ability to be of service, be authentic, and benefit our community and world.

Our vision of a more peaceful and connected planet – our perspective of unity – allows us to think about more than just how to make money. We are focused on our values, knowing that we are a part of a larger whole. We know that you are a vital key to our success. This is precisely what allows us to keep inventing ourselves. With the fading of time, ever-changing trends, and constant absorption of information, we find that the Marketing Dispensary crystallizes its path into new territory. 

Suddenly, the needed inspiration has taken place and we find ourselves in a foreign land, unsure of our proceeding steps. We ask ourselves if we will keep being able to make money-the kind that will change the world. And then, as if in no time, new friends and clients make everything apparent. With gratitude, we begin to enjoy the new views and embrace the ever-changing scene that is this marketing life. 

So. . .

We hope that you find the similarities between our experience with entrepreneurship and yours; that you internalize it as more than just a scheme to make money. Hopefully, you feel acquainted with the humans behind our brand and grasp our mission. We are emphatic about being positive influences who instill a sense of community through our passionate efforts at MDKC.

Well, this was a very vulnerable peer inside of our world. Knowing that it’s important to look good and have your stuff together as it relates to the business world could have stopped us from telling you the truth. However, sensing that the world needs this kind of candor is what triumphed over the nagging fear. It guided us to show the steps we have taken along our process. We seek to continue growing, to genuinely impact the world with our values, and to help other businesses do the same so that we all realize the beauty of life. We want to erase the line between business and life’s other facets because we see that it really is all intertwined.

That is precisely why we have chosen to share our story with you. You can find out more about our unique services, here.

Your MDKC team: Desiree and Audrey <3

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