13 Social Media Audience Building Ideas

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed with Social Media Marketing, and that’s perfectly fine.

Take a deep breath and just dive in. It all will be less intimidating when you participate more and start to get the hang of it all.

Social Media is one great big online community of individuals who enjoy interacting with people across the globe using technology. Billions of people use Social Media each day, and each person has a different reason for being wherever they are online.

The tricky part for business owner’s is finding the niche communities where they’re hiding and build relationships with them there.

You can find an existing community that fits your business or create your own; this could be a Facebook or LinkedIn Group, Forums, Twitter Community, etc.…

Follow these suggestions to help you dive right into Social Media Audience Building and add value where your audience is located online.

  • Write a post on your business blog or start a blog. (https://www.wordpress.org)
  • Comment on other blogs related to your business.
  • Create a video, and upload it to YouTube.
  • Put those videos on Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Join a forum related to your business, and publish posts on that forum.
  • Answer questions on LinkedIn.
  • Host a webinar.
  • Write an e-book.
  • Record a podcast, and make it available for download on iTunes.
  • Create a Facebook or LinkedIn group related to your business.
  • Search and join groups on Facebook. Don’t forget to participate.
  • Leave comments on other content.
  • Share other people’s content.

Want to learn more about social media audience building and rule the social media world?! Join us in our own little community.

MDKC’s Internal Processes | We Are Here to Do More Than Make Money

Make Money

It’s Not Just About How to Make Money

We believe that humans don’t exist simply to make money. No, not even in the career-driven world. There’s more to it. And, money isn’t everything. It’s important, but not all-encompassing. Really, believe us. Read on for a deeper look into how the Marketing Dispensary (MDKC) approaches business. Learn how we view it, how we spend our time, why we do what we do, and where we are currently.

I Have No Idea Where I Am Going

As a lover of nature, I spend ample time outdoors. There are mornings where everything is crystal clear, the air is smooth as my mother’s soothing voice, and the birds are singing in tune. There are other mornings that I can’t see more than ten feet in front of me. The blanketing mist obscures my vision. What to do but continue to trek forward, to voyage into the mystery before me?

Will I step into a mess on the pavement? Am I going to be startled by someone? My imagination tries to run away with me but I’ve seen her tricks far too long to get carried away by her antics. I motivate myself by questioning, “who really knows what will happen?” I assure my animated mind that the only way to find out is to go. I’ve been overtaken by awe watching heroes in the movies undertake the unforeseen, too. I strive for their honor, so I pretend I’m brave until it is my reality, sparking my imagination by telling myself that perhaps I’ll find something beautiful. Left foot, right foot, one foot in front of the other, I wander. And just like that, I start to forget the fog and get into the rhythm of my body’s undulations.

Somewhere between my eyes greeting a new day and now, I forget the fog around me and settle into the palpable mist of the air, the sway of my hips, and the noise of quiet, murmuring cars passing me by. I stop analyzing when it happened and instead I express my gratitude for this new perspective. From my shoulders falls the metaphorical weight of fear about the unknown. The more I walk forward and into the mist, the less I fear it. It’s actually slightly pleasing. 

All of this brings me to sharing Marketing Dispensary’s process with you. Dude, let me tell you, the answers have come! For this, I am eternally grateful. This implies, though, that there was a time of seeking. This implication is accurate. Stick with me and allow me to share:

Getting to Work

I walked into work today. As I do every day. Just like you do, I settled my belongings, poured my coffee, and headed downstairs. Uh-oh. I sense that something is going on with my partner, Desiree. Reassuring myself that it’s all part of the process, I inquire.

I cautiously ask, “what’s up, Des?!” “It’s just been a shitty week,” she mutters. My mind searches, soon landing upon an understanding for her perspective. We both received the news this morning that Pearl died last night. She was our mutual friend’s dog and we both adored her. Everybody did. With her tail-wagging and booty-shaking greetings, snuggly cuddles, and protective demeanor, it was impossible not to love her. My heart feels pain just writing about it. Good thing I’ve got some tissues, even though I know you’d bring them to me if I didn’t. Right? Right.

Anyways, Pearl’s passing away on top of Des’ other stresses is enough for me to validate her experience. So, I sit, listen, and ask questions. Together, Des and I discuss where we currently are with Marketing Dispensary and where we need to be. “What do we do to undertake the endeavor of growing toward the realization of our goals? What needs to be morphed so that we can become a business that impacts our community and beyond?” we ask ourselves.

My resolution that we will create these results is the very thing that stimulates my happiness about going to ‘work’ (it feels like play, and I am blessed) every day. Because I have been granted copious favors in my life, I can do nothing less than pay it forward. But, I feel like a calm body of water waiting for inspiration, waves, to ruffle the surface. Basically, I feel a bit motionless and I’m not sure why. Still, I suspect that the combination of my intuition and intellect will reveal the way soon enough. Contrastingly, Des has about one hundred ideas racing through her savvy mind. There is just a little bit of balance between the two of us. A little bit. The only problem: we still need momentum. 

Later in the Day

About two hours have passed since this conversation. Or, one hundred and twenty minutes or 7,200 seconds. Here I sit, writing. All of the confusion and fear of this morning has culminated in my efforts to share the truth with you because I want to bring us together. We need each other if we are going to prosper.

Thus, it has become apparent that the only way we can gain momentum and make money to realize our dream world is by being unapologetically open and honest about where we are now. After all, we are only two of the millions of entrepreneurs in the metro. Perhaps others are experiencing this, too. Actually, they must be.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs (I’m biased, I know), Des comes downstairs and lets me know where her mind is. It’s routine for us to bounce ideas off of each other. She emphasizes that she needs to capture this feeling for others to convey to them that they’re not alone; that everyone experiences concern about how to make money and grow their potential to improve their lives and the lives of others. She says it in the same moment that I’ve begun to write this. I think, “what the hell?” because I just received the same insight.

But, I don’t tell her that I’m writing a blog about the very thing that she just mentioned. Instead, I tell her to go off to her meeting and that we will powwow when she arrives home again. And, this brings us to the current moment. 

Right Now

Currently, my ears are ringing with the ramblings of a podcast. A glittery pink mug and a cup of water are sitting at my left. A translucent blue gem sits on my ring finger. My feet are planted firmly upon the ground and I am in tune with my breath.

I use these sensations as reminders to be here now. It’s the only moment that my creativity flows and is unblocked by fear. The moment that has been repeating itself for both eternity and this very day. These have been ebbing and flowing since I got to the office at 8:15 A.M. today. My brain has calmed enough for one of them to catch up with me, finally. And, I am conscious of the parallels between this and my foggy, daybreak stroll. This is where it all becomes clear. Please, read on. 

Tying It All Together

Just as treading into the fog is the only way through it, taking persistent action is what moves us to the place of success! And, we are relentless in this! At MDKC, we are constantly mulling over our processes. This grants us the ability to be of service, be authentic, and benefit our community and world.

Our vision of a more peaceful and connected planet – our perspective of unity – allows us to think about more than just how to make money. We are focused on our values, knowing that we are a part of a larger whole. We know that you are a vital key to our success. This is precisely what allows us to keep inventing ourselves. With the fading of time, ever-changing trends, and constant absorption of information, we find that the Marketing Dispensary crystallizes its path into new territory. 

Suddenly, the needed inspiration has taken place and we find ourselves in a foreign land, unsure of our proceeding steps. We ask ourselves if we will keep being able to make money-the kind that will change the world. And then, as if in no time, new friends and clients make everything apparent. With gratitude, we begin to enjoy the new views and embrace the ever-changing scene that is this marketing life. 

So. . .

We hope that you find the similarities between our experience with entrepreneurship and yours; that you internalize it as more than just a scheme to make money. Hopefully, you feel acquainted with the humans behind our brand and grasp our mission. We are emphatic about being positive influences who instill a sense of community through our passionate efforts at MDKC.

Well, this was a very vulnerable peer inside of our world. Knowing that it’s important to look good and have your stuff together as it relates to the business world could have stopped us from telling you the truth. However, sensing that the world needs this kind of candor is what triumphed over the nagging fear. It guided us to show the steps we have taken along our process. We seek to continue growing, to genuinely impact the world with our values, and to help other businesses do the same so that we all realize the beauty of life. We want to erase the line between business and life’s other facets because we see that it really is all intertwined.

That is precisely why we have chosen to share our story with you. You can find out more about our unique services, here.

Your MDKC team: Desiree and Audrey <3

Make Money


Episode #2 | Chaos Course in Kansas City

Liz Babcock with Chaos Course in Kansas City Purple Couch Collective Interview
Liz Babcock owner Chaos Course in Kansas City!

What is all this talk about the Chaos Course in Kansas City?

Well, to start they are Kansas City’s Original American Ninja Warrior Gym and they are also home to Belton Shito-Ryu, which is traditional Japanese Karate. But, don’t get it twisted, they are a gym for everyone. Chaos Course caters to both competitive Ninja Warriors and to the people who suffer from chronic pain.

Liz received a Master’s Degree in Psychology and worked with children as a social worker for 6 years before her and her husband, Russ discovered their Ninja Warrior Gym! Liz genuinely cares about how people feel, hints her Psychology degree! At Chaos, she strives to make you feel good. Their team wants you to feel good physically and emotionally.

Liz and her husband Russ have been teaching karate in Belton, Missouri for many years. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, Liz began teaching boxing and kickboxing as an extension to her martial arts instruction. “Fitness has always been a strong hold to our family.” Liz stated.

When you arrive at the Chaos Course don’t be surprised when you are greeted by Liz’s entire family including her twin boys and daughter! This is a family establishment and they make you feel just that! It’s that simple. Liz’s family has worked super hard to create an environment like no other in the Kansas City Metro! The Chaos Course is the premier destination for creative and innovative fitness and their gym has so much to offer that you wont find in any other Kansas City gym.

“The essence of our gym is functional fitness and remembering that health is not a burden.” Liz stated and “This is a place to be inspired, be fit, or become fit, and generally to be great!” Russ added!

Come in, they will cater to you because that is their job. They will find a way for your fitness to becomes your life and your life to become fit. NINJA WARRIOR. PARKOUR MOVEMENTS. GYMNASTICS CONDITIONING. KARATE. SELF-DEFENSE. BOXING. MOVEMENT. MOBILITY. HAPPINESS. WELL-BEING.

It’s story time on the Purple Couch Collective! Join us on the Purple Couches – Monday, July 3, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. as Liz Babcock spills the beans about her families amazing journey and how they landed at the Chaos Course!

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The Powerful Art of Brand Storytelling

Why is storytelling so persuasive.

“Storytelling is not something we just do. Telling stories is who we are.” “We’re all storytellers, we don’t call ourselves that, but it’s what we do every day” – Story Laboratory

We all know that stories evoke emotions, and a sense of belonging. Stories compel an audience to take action. So it’s easy to say that great marketing is all about mastering the art of persuasive stories. Right?

Below we are going to explore the science behind why telling stories is so important for your brand and everything in between.

The Science Behind Storytelling - Infograph

Storytelling is not a waste of time. It’s good for your Kansas City business and/or brand. Identify the stories in your company, the stories behind your customer’s and their pains/successes, the stories that connect your brand to your mission and shout them to the world!

The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need| No Joke!

The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need

The Only Brand Storytelling Guide You Will Ever Need | No Joke!

Building a strong image for your brand takes a bit of finesse, style, and the ability to create stories that capture the hearts and souls of your followers. Let’s not leave out vision! Read more of our Brand Storytelling Guide.

The questions is.. “How do I create these amazing stories to help me accomplish my online marketing goals?”

Answering these 8 simple questions in our Brand Storytelling Guide is the first step in the right direction:

1.) What is unique about your business?

2.) What is interesting about how your business was founded? Who is your founder? Come on, tell us your story, too!

3.) What problem is your company trying to solve? What are your customer’s main pain points?

4.) What inspired your business/

5.) What Ah-ha moments has your company had?

6.) How has your business evolved?

7.) What’s an unobvious way to tell your story? You might have to think really hard on this one.

8.) What do you consider normal and boring that other folks might think is cool? Do you have any crazy office traditions?

Importance of Establishing Your Mission 

Establishing your mission helps make your business stand out from your competition and is an essential part of establishing your brand online. What makes your business matchless from others that are doing the same thing as you?

What is the story behind how you found your business? Is there any facts about the owner that can draw some positive attention? Customer’s like to know the face behind the company brand.

Is your company trying to solve a problem for it’s customer’s? That is how you should market your new products or revitalize interest in a failing product/service.

Inspiration and Objective

What inspired the founding of your business? Did you take a trip? Where you in deep meditation? Did you hire a coach? What sparked the idea?

Has the business had a situation that drove the company to rethink it’s operations? There are plenty of ah-ha moments when you are searching for them.

What has changed about the business since it was formed? Have your products/services changed? Or have new products/services been added? It might be a new store location or a new piece of equipment.

Go Ahead, Get Social! 

Be willing to branch the company out in other social media outlets. Is there a Facebook page, Pinterest, or YouTube videos that are available to your audience? Have you established a following on Twitter? The more avenues utilized to get the word out faster, the better the credibility.

Give your audience some perks? Can you give them a discount if they follow you? Do you offer discounts to military or seniors? What can you offer that will spark the desire for your clients to join you in telling your amazing story?

The more you can share your business in a positive light, the better the odds of attracting new customers and retaining current ones. This requires a little bit of creative thinking, and possibly the assistance of some inside sources or outside ones as a matter of fact!

The information needed to promote your business to new heights is all within your reach if you know where to look.

Need assistance forming your brand storytelling guide? You can visit our website by clicking here…. to learn how the Marketing Dispensary KC can help your Kansas City business share it’s amazing story, gain profitable customer action, and delight your audience so they become promoters of your soaring brand!

SEO In Kansas City For Beginners

SEO In Kansas City For Beginners

How to SEO your blog posts.

So, you want you website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Then, it is essential that they be accurately optimized.

In this SEO in Kansas City beginners guide, we will give you a few steps you can take to make sure your blog posts are search engine optimized.

SEO in Kansas City for Beginners


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines unpaid results- often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

A blog post that has proper SEO means a potential for more traffic to your website. This, in return is how you generate leads are increase your income with the World Wide Web!

Step #1. Install an SEO Plugin

The easiest way to make sure that you are affectively apply SEO in Kansas City to your blog posts is to find and install an SEO Plugin. I use and LOVE the Yoast SEO plugin for my SEO needs. To install this plugin or another, visit your admin page, go to plugins>> Add new. Next, install and activate the SEO Plugin.

Step #2. Determine Your Keywords

Before you begin ANYTHING, you need to determine what your keywords are going to be. The best program is Google Keyword Planner, because for most, Google is where you are trying to rank higher.

You will need to have an AdWords account to use the keyword planner. Google AdWords will require you to set up an ad campaign (and enter billing details). You will have to give the ad campaign a budget but you can immediately pause your campaign so it does not charge you anything.

Words of advice- give yourself a small budget and let the ad campaign run. This will give you great analytics you can use to determine the best keywords for your blog posts.

Step 3. Optimize Your Images

Optimizing your blog posts images is a great and simple way to boost your SEO efforts. Big bulky images can slow your website incredibly and Google does not like a slow website.

Your photos will need to be compressed if they are large in size. This can be done in Photoshop or you can download another Plugin to help.

Once you have decreased the file size of your images, check the speed of your website to ensure they are small enough.

Step 4. Building Backlinks

Backlinks are other website that link back to your website and they are very, very important.

Google likes to see quality website linking to your website because it tells Google that your site is trustworthy and has good content. This is a lot easier said than done with a service industry. Products are a lot easier to post about.

Obtaining backlinks can be time-consuming process but is worth the work in the end. A simple way to get backlinks quickly is to add your website to legitimate directories like: Yelp, Angie’s List, YP.com, Home Advisor, etc.

Words of wisdom: don’t add your website into directories that look spammy, but do try to find as many as you can put your website into. Also, make sure you set up all your social media profiles and add your website there too.

Step 5. Fix URLS

Does your blog post have strange URL’s that have question marks, numbers, and/or other ambiguous things in the slug?


If your URL looks like this, you’re going to want to fix it ASAP. The portion after your domain is called a “slug”.

Step 6. Build Internal Links

Google will view pages as “important” if they have internal links pointing to them. By internal, we mean within your own website.

For example, when we write blog posts, we will try to link to other related blog posts within that same post.

This also helps Google create a hierarchy of your site. Important pages could be your homepage, your shop page or your contact page.

Step 7. Build External Links

Not only do you want people linking to your website, you linking within your own website, you will also want to link to other people’s websites or links outside of your website.

Why would this be?

Because link building isn’t just a one way street. You want to link out to reputable, popular websites with good content in order to build your own SEO.

Words of wisdom: We always have our external links open up in a new tab in the browser. This ensures that is someone clicks on the external link, they won’t leave out site totally (which is exactly what you don’t want.

Step 8. Edit Your Metadata

Remember, the Yoast SEO Plugin? This comes into play again. Metadata is another very important part of your SEO. It’s what draws people in initially to click on your website. On Google, if your metadata doesn’t pull people in, you will lose clicks.

When trying to write your metadata, we use Google Keywords and try to see what our competitors are using, and how we can improve upon it.

Step 9. Revitalize Old Content (Repurpose)

How many blog posts do you have that you haven’t optimized? If you don’t have an SEO strategy in place, you may find that many of your posts haven’t been equipped with the right SEO techniques.

Likely, these blog posts are just sitting on your website and aren’t generating any traffic. The good news is, is that you are able to go back and revise your content and get it ranking.

With this knowledge you be able to rank your blog posts higher and you will be able to measure you analytics and see what is working and what is not.

Keep in mind that it takes Google and other search engines time before it will recognize the changes you make, and you will not see instantaneous improvement in your site ranking. It can take anywhere from a website to a couple of months.

Don’t have an SEO in Kansas City strategy in place? Contact the Marketing Dispensary in Kansas City, today! Click below.

The Art of Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

The Art of Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City has become a major buzzword over the past couple of years. It has become one of, if not the, most powerful and influential methods of communication in human history, it’s recently been a focus of business and marketing strategy.

Some brands do an amazing job of leveraging the power of storytelling to achieve a number of goals and some have completely missed their mark.

3 Misconceptions About Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City

1.) Storytelling is a strategyWrong. It’s a tactic. It’s one element of a bigger strategy used to accomplish a goal, and every single goal you try to achieve requires a different application.

2.) Storytelling is a trendWrong. Storytelling marketing in Kansas City has been on of the most powerful forms of communication in human history. It’s the best way to capture the hearts, influence decisions, and inspire actions.

3.) Storytelling is easy – Wrong. Talking is easy, communicating is much harder. Storytelling is an art and a science and requires an element of mastery to be applied effectively. It’s not as simple as going from point A to point B and it’s much riskier than other tactics you might be trying to use.

Great storytelling captures the hero’s journey. In marketing the hero changes based on the end goal of your efforts. In the beginning of the story you may put the spotlight on your business to help establish the foundation for the brand and then the rest of the story will be to make your customer the hero of the story or if you are a service industry to make your service the hero.

Being The Hero

The hardest part about this for new businesses is getting your audience and potential customers to understand what and, more importantly, who you are. Storytelling Marketing in Kansas City can be a way to help your customer’s connect to the human side of your brand early on. Keep in mind this isn’t where you should be chatting about your customers or your products but the brand, the story behind it, the people behind it, and what it stands for.

Making your brand the hero of the story doesn’t mean that you’re self-centered it just means that right now you’re goal is to connect.

Here are a few different ways to tell your own story.

The people behind the brand – To take the human element to the extreme, you can talk about the focus of your brand and the people who keep it on track. Focus on their hard work and passion for what they do. This makes the viewer feel something and think a lot harder about your product or service.

The purpose behind the brand – Building loyalty around a mission or cause offers a high reward along with a high risk.

The product/service itself – Some products/services are fun to talk about and some are not. All products/services can find context inside of a story, this created relevancy for the product in the eyes of the new viewers and current customers.

Be Warned: Having an interesting product/service doesn’t make the storytelling marketing in Kansas City process any easier. You still need to create something your audience can experience and connect with.

I highly recommend adding storytelling to your business toolbox of marketing capabilities.